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Temporary Public Policy to Facilitate Permanent Residency for Physicians Providing Publicly Funded Medical Services in Canada

Introduction In an effort to address the challenges faced by foreign national physicians seeking permanent residency in Canada, a temporary public policy has been implemented. This policy aims to provide exemptions for physicians who provide publicly funded medical services and encounter difficulties meeting the requirements of Canada’s federal economic immigration programs. By creating a pathway […]

Thousands assigned to inactive immigration officers and IDs. Are you one of them?

Canada’s immigration department has assigned tens of thousands of applicants to immigration officers or placeholder codes that are inactive and no longer working within their system — some who’ve last logged in and processed files up to 16 years ago, and from airports and visa offices around the world. CBC News has learned 59,456 open and pending applications were […]

By the year 2025, Canada will accept 500,000 immigrants per year as the minister works to personally choose more arrivals.

The federal government will use new power to hand-pick immigrants to address Canada’s skill shortages, increase the sponsorship of parents and grandparents, and begin issuing temporary visas for spouses while their permanent-residence applications are being processed. Those are some of the highlights of Canada’s latest immigration plan — announced Tuesday — which will see this country look […]

Here Are IRCC Service Standards For Processing Various Applications

IRCC is still struggling with backlog and now they have started providing monthly data on applications within “service standards” as well as applications in “backlog”. We all know what backlog is, but it is important to understand what are IRCC service standards for all the immigration categories. Canada immigration has different standards of processing application category-wise. This is similar to any business’ […]

New Announcement For International Students By IRCC Minister

The new Canada Study Permit Announcement will allow international students to work off-campus over 20 hours per week. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has announced a new temporary measure aimed at alleviating Canada’s historic labour shortages. Fraser says this will allow over 500,000 international students already in Canada to potentially work more hours. From November 15, […]