Why Study in Canada

Canada remains one of the few OECD countries offering moderate and competitive tuition fees, scholarships, top-notch institutions, post-graduation employment opportunities, and a pathway to permanent residency thus delivering more bang for your buck. According to the department for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada recorded a 20% growth in foreign students’ intake in 2017 with 495,525 international students enrolled overall at the expense of destinations like the USA and the UK.


Top-Notch Education

Canadian schools and education system are consistently rated among the highest in the world, within an accommodating and enabling environment due to ample government funding and high quality supervisory standards. Your qualification from a Canadian accredited institution is essentially a passport to a rewarding career path that assures a secured future. You will find the diversity and multicultural attributes for which Canada is quite famous, a healthy environment to pursue your dreams and goals.

Vibrant Campus Life

There are opportunities to fully express yourself in the microcosm of a school setting which reflects the diversity, freedom, liberty, and safety guaranteed by government in the larger society. Many international students have naturally excelled in extra-curricula activities covering tours, sports, socials, and immersion in one of the most diversified natural ecosystems on earth.

Work and Immigration Opportunities

The education and immigration structures are aligned such that you can easily plan and take advantage of the merit-based retention policies that favor the Canadian-experience-class of potential permanent workers and residents. You can transit smoothly from studies to work and to full immigration.


Canada is a bilingual country where French and English are official languages and are taught at all levels of the educational strata. You will therefore have the opportunity and ample encouragement to enrich your language skills and cultural diversity.

Standard of Living

Canada’s Human Development Index is consistently among the top 10 countries in the world because of its high life expectancy, education and per capita income.

Competitive Costs

Canada is competitive relative to other international destinations ranking among the highest value-for-money in payback duration and yielding a good return on investment.