Canada’s immigration ministry proposes new compliance regime for institutions and schools

Short on time? Here are the highlights: The Canadian government is planning a new compliance reporting system for post-secondary institutions Under the new rules, Canada’s immigration ministry will be able to suspend study permit processing for non-compliant institutions Students will also be required to file a new study permit application before transferring to a new […]

Canada’s Immigration Minister signals that changes are coming to post-study work rights

Short on time? Here are the highlights: Canadian immigration officials are consulting with provincial counterparts and peak bodies on reforms to the country’s Post-Graduation Work Permit programme The immigration ministry intends to update the programme to better align it with labour market needs in Canada The nature of the reforms are not yet clear but […]

Canadian immigration minister releases official cap figures and targets for 2024

Short on time? Here are the highlights: Canadian Immigration Minister Marc Miller has announced an official national cap allocation of 552,000 study permit applications for 2024, which is expected to yield 292,000 new study permits during the year for students affected by Canada’s new international enrolment cap The cap is designed to hold foreign enrolment […]

Caregivers from abroad to be given permanent residence on arrival under new pilot programs

Canada Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced new, upgraded caregiver pilots that will allow caregivers to continue coming to Canada while they work to make the caregiver pilot programs permanent. The new pilot programs will grant home care professionals permanent residency (PR) as soon as they arrive in Canada. They will also be able to work with organizations that […]

Secure Job Opportunities in Canada While in the Express Entry Pool

Canada’s economic immigration programs are crucial to the nation’s labour market expansion, contributing nearly 100% of the recent increases in the workforce. Given immigration’s pivotal role in Canada’s economy, employment initiatives are often tied to immigration programs to assist employers in filling vacancies that cannot be sourced domestically. A prime example of this is employers […]

IRCC issues ITAs to Express Entry candidates in second draw this week

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has issued invitations to candidates in the second Express Entry draw of the week. The department issued 1,500 invitations to apply (ITAs) in a category-based selection draw for French language proficiency. Candidates required a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 388. Get a Free Express Entry Assessment Yesterday’s […]

Canada: Ontario’s cap implementation plan allocates nearly all study permit applications to public colleges and universities

Here are the highlights: The Province of Ontario hosted just over half of all international students in Canada last year Under Canada’s new cap on international study permits, Ontario has been allocated 235,000 study permit applications for 2024 The province has announced that 96% of those study permit applications will be allocated to the public […]

Temporary Public Policy to Facilitate Permanent Residency for Physicians Providing Publicly Funded Medical Services in Canada

Introduction In an effort to address the challenges faced by foreign national physicians seeking permanent residency in Canada, a temporary public policy has been implemented. This policy aims to provide exemptions for physicians who provide publicly funded medical services and encounter difficulties meeting the requirements of Canada’s federal economic immigration programs. By creating a pathway […]

Engineer regulator drops Canadian experience qualification in Ontario

Internationally trained engineers no longer require Canadian work experience to be licensed in Ontario. Ontario Labour Minister Monte McNaughton says the province’s regulator for professional engineers has dropped the requirement, which he calls a “game changer” for qualified immigrant engineers that will help fill roughly 7,000 vacant positions. Professional Engineers Ontario says up to 60 […]