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Here Are IRCC Service Standards For Processing Various Applications

IRCC is still struggling with backlog and now they have started providing monthly data on applications within “service standards” as well as applications in “backlog”. We all know what backlog is, but it is important to understand what are IRCC service standards for all the immigration categories. Canada immigration has different standards of processing application category-wise. This is similar to any business’ […]

New Announcement For International Students By IRCC Minister

The new Canada Study Permit Announcement will allow international students to work off-campus over 20 hours per week. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has announced a new temporary measure aimed at alleviating Canada’s historic labour shortages. Fraser says this will allow over 500,000 international students already in Canada to potentially work more hours. From November 15, […]

Here is Canada’s new strategy for assisting international workers and students to obtain permanent residence. Some claim that it isn’t nearly new enough.

After much speculation about a new strategy to assist more immigrants in becoming permanent residents, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser unveiled a proposal that reverted the policy changes implemented due to the pandemic. Fraser was given 120 days to develop a comprehensive plan that might provide international students and temporary foreign workers of all skill levels […]